Eivind Rebnord

Producer and songwriter Eivind Rebnord from Bergen, Norway, has recently entered the pop scene with a 90s inspired sound. After doing a couple of official remixes for several artists including Anne-Marie (Asylum/Warner), Eivind has focused more and more working for others. Lately, he has been working with Kyle Puccia (Kygo-KidsIn Love), Lisa Ajax (UMG Sweden), Hazlett (BLNK Music), Ilira (Four Music/SonyGermany) and Emilia Ali (Caroline). Recently he was the main producer of Salem-Rose To His Ex that was added to the global New Music Friday playlist at Spotify.

Blurring the lines between established genres, dressing his Nordic roots in exotic instruments and timbre, Eivind Rebnord produces tunes you can call a mix of acts like Flume, Major Lazer and Kygo.«Usually, I’m building a universe with the artist voice, using things like a 80’s toy keyboard, a 90’s cassette recorder or a rusty megaphone»–Eivind Rebnord.


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