Since his Norwegian Grammy nominated debut EP in 2016, Kai Gundelach has risen from bedroom producer and underage DJ to electronic pop star. Now with two more nominations under his belt (Producer of the Year 2018 and Elektronika 2020) and a successful UK/EU tour back in 2018, he has firmly established himself as a key player in the electronic music scene.

Having recorded and worked with prominent names such as Knut Sævik (Mungolian Jest), Øyvind Mathisen (Cezinando, Nils Bech) and Aurora Aksnes, as well as sessions with John Calvert (Nao) and Jonas Verwinjen (LIMA, Whitest Boy Alive), his 2020 sophomore album “My Frail Body” was a calmer, more contemplative affair than 2016’s “Baltus”. Released on label U OK? it reflects Gundelach’s evolution as an artist whilst maintaining strong elements of his background as both guitarist and mainstay DJ in Oslo’s club scene.

He has toured extensively and headlined Øya Festival to rave reviews.


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