Moullinex is the alter ego of Portuguese producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Luis Clara Gomes. He thrives in intersections: science and art, spontaneity and formalism, organic and artificial, isolation and community. This idea crystalised in music that can perfectly live within the boundaries of the dancefloor and still allow for deep introspection on headphones. From melancholic electronic textures to exuberant house and disco, his productions have seen him being praised by his peers and audiences globally.

Moullinex first started doing remixes for Cut Coxpy, Sebastian Tellier, Royksopp and Robyn, among many more, while consistently releasing quality originals through his own label Discotexas, alongside Xinobi, his partner in crime. Three albums ensued, “Flora”, “Elsewhere” and “Hypersex”, establishing Moullinex as a versatile, subtle and multi-layered producer.

After years of experience doing DJ/live tours around the globe, tagging him as solely Disco or House would be somehow inaccurate: his sound might draw from these influences, but the bottom line is making you dance. And smile while you’re doing it.


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